To Share or Not to Share, that is the question….relating to mental health disclosure at work

Disability ManagementMental HealthWorkplace Health

One of the most divisive questions in workplace mental health relates to employees sharing their details in the workplace whether through a sick note or in a conversation with their supervisor or human resources. ...

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Job Posting- Opportunity to Join the Work to Wellness Team

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Job Posting – Opportunity to Join the W2W team. Work to Wellness Rehabilitation Inc. is a Canadian company providing services in British Columbia. We are seeking professionals who want to make a difference for...

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Communication is Key During an Employee’s Sick Leave

Workplace HealthDisability Management

It can be difficult for an employer to balance the responsibilities and interests when managing an employee who is on sick leave. However, knowing the right questions to ask, can really help to facilitate...

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Too Much or Too Little Information: What Is the Right Amount?

Physical HealthWorkplace HealthDisability Management

When my team and I work with employees, to take them through a disability management process, we have permission to access their information – even the most private and personal – so that we...

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Are You an Equal Opportunity Employer?

Disability Management

When our customers ask us how to improve their disability management process, we like to start simple, because there are quick, achievable changes that can show results almost immediately. It is important to start...

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