Psychological Health and Safety Means More Than “No Bullying”

Mental HealthPhysical Health

Psychological health and safety is a term that has garnered plenty of attention in the last few years, especially after the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace was...

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New Innovations for PTSD in First Responders

Mental HealthPreventative Disability Management

Many Canadian workers are protected by both OHS Regulations (Occupational Health and Safety Regulation) as well as employer policy, which are intended to prevent injury through safety education and practices. Employers are also guided by...

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Does the Fitbit Make You Neurotic?

Physical HealthWorkplace Health

I’ve been asked many times whether or not I agree with using Fitbits as a motivation for increased physical activity. And while I agree that increasing physical activity is a great way to support...

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A Lesson in Preventive Disability Management: How You Can Do Your Part

Preventative Disability Management

Early in my career I worked at the Worker’s Compensation Board, a large organization with more than a few hundred co-workers in my office alone.  Christmas time was always very festive with many events,...

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