When is the Right Time for an Employee to Return to Work After an Absence?

Workplace Health

Sometimes it is necessary for an employee to leave the workplace due to a sickness or an injury.  I say sometimes, because leaving the workplace isn’t always the best solution.  Adjusting the work role,...

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Communication is Key During an Employee’s Sick Leave

Disability ManagementWorkplace Health

It can be difficult for an employer to balance the responsibilities and interests when managing an employee who is on sick leave. However, knowing the right questions to ask, can really help to facilitate...

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Employee Return To Work – An Employer’s Perspective

Preventative Disability ManagementWorkplace Health

The majority of work disability absences resolve with employees returning to work successfully.  However, some situations can be more complex and require careful planning and support for the employee and the employer, for there...

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The Components of a Mentally Healthy Workplace; An Integrated Approach

Mental HealthWorkplace Health

You have decided to develop a strategy in your workplace specific to mental health.  Congratulations! That is an important decision and one that is likely to benefit your organization and the individuals who are...

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Too Much or Too Little Information: What Is the Right Amount?

Disability ManagementPhysical HealthWorkplace Health

When my team and I work with employees, to take them through a disability management process, we have permission to access their information – even the most private and personal – so that we...

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