4 Ways to Recognize Mental Illness in Your Workplace

Preventative Disability Management

Supervisors have a tough job; it is a big responsibility to look after a team.  Managing workflow and outcomes is hard enough, but supervisors are also tasked with recognizing and responding to mental health...

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I Don’t Give a Fig About Wellness ROI, and Neither Should You!

Preventative Disability ManagementWorkplace Health

I have heard the question: “what is the ROI for workplace wellness?” many times, and usually it is a cue for me that the person I am talking to doesn’t understand the full impact...

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Psychological Health and Safety Means More Than “No Bullying”

Mental HealthPhysical Health

Psychological health and safety is a term that has garnered plenty of attention in the last few years, especially after the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace was...

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Does the Fitbit Make You Neurotic?

Physical HealthWorkplace Health

I’ve been asked many times whether or not I agree with using Fitbits as a motivation for increased physical activity. And while I agree that increasing physical activity is a great way to support...

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This Year I Resolve to Work to Wellness

Mental HealthPreventative Disability Management

Every year I dread January 1, or more precisely New Year’s Eve. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good party, and I appreciate the need to reflect back on the year, and even...

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