Workplace Consultation

Understanding your business needs and designing a customized mental health and wellness solution.
  • Assess your mental health risks
  • Psychological Health and Safety Audit
  • Return to Work Services
  • Mental Health Policy and Strategy
  • HR Coaching

Employee Return to Work, Stay at Work, and Accommodation Support

Confidentially addressing employee mental health needs including addiction, anxiety, work related stress, and occupational mental injury.

We provide confidential services to your employee, communicate openly with their treatment team, and collaborate with you and the work team to ensure your employee is working safely in a sustainable way. In partnership with our clients, our team of Rehabilitation Professionals can access more information than the employer can. This allows us to address the real issues at the root of the employee’s health issues. We collaborate directly with all workplace parties, ensuring that solutions are lasting. Confidentiality allows us to give you only the information you need for your role in the process. Our team is accountable to a Professional College which means you and your employee are protected.

Specialists in Workplace Mental Health

We have been delivering mental health training to employees and leaders in workplaces across British Columbia since 1999.