Mental Health and Wellness Best Practices In Your Workplace

Work to Wellness specializes in workplace mental health through education, workplace needs assessment, and psychological health and safety consulting. We work with you to understand and improve mental health outcomes. We will help you prevent, reduce risk and manage mental health in the workplace.

Psychological Support Toolkit for Workers During Covid19

Intended as a free tool available for all workers in BC, and to be used in concert with the accompanying Virtual Summit series

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Our Workshops

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Worklife Balance Blend or Blur: Using brain science to work smarter and thrive

Work Life Balance: learn how to work smarter to avoid burnout.

    Mental Health

    Increase awareness of mental health and its potential incidence and impact...

    Bullying & Harassment

    Developing strategies for oneself and for others who have experienced work...

    Self Care

    Self care is about taking care of your mind and body, so you feel less str...

    Substance Use in the Workplace

    Help recognize behaviours related to addiction or substance use in the wor...

      Workplace Burnout

      Being aware of signs and symptoms and taking pro-active steps for preventi...


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