Diana Vissers

MA (Disability Management), MCVP (F), RRP

Through Work to Wellness, Diana Vissers has been solving workplace mental health problems for individuals and organizations since 1999. At the heart of Work to Wellness is passion for helping people and their workplaces thrive. This includes assessing and solving individual needs and helping employers understand their role and responsibilities around mental health. She is an Instructor and developer of a Workplace Wellness course at Simon Fraser University, and leads multiple workplace mental health training programs across the province and for BC Municipal Safety Association. She is a CMHA Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor. She is most proud of leading a thriving and happy remote team for over 20 years.

Joshua Froc

B.Sc.Biochem, Personal Development and Productivity Coach, Facilitator; Behaviour Change Expert

Josh’s expertise is in helping people build new mindfulness and self-care habits that also improve productivity, happiness, and fulfillment in all life roles.  As a Coach and through his bio-psychology education, he researches human behaviour, motivation and how effective goal-setting affects mental health and performance.  Josh loves helping people translate knowledge into lasting action so they can live more resilient, happy, productive lives.  

“My favourite part of coaching is seeing the lightbulb go off for someone when something that used to be ‘impossible’ becomes fun.  For example, when a person realizes that not only is self-care fun but it also makes them more effective!”

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