Half-day or virtual


Employees of all levels


Any industries including manufacturing, government, education, healthcare, engineering & sciences, technology, not-for-profit, financial (banking and insurance).


This workshop gives participants a chance to flex and strengthen their creativity muscle and to apply it to inspiring goal-setting techniques that will improve resilience and help them get excited about their life (and work) again. For teams who are not suffering from low morale, this creativity translates into better problem-solving, an increased desire to take on new challenges, and protection from burnout. In high-performance cultures, “forcing” ourselves to work harder can work well in the short term, but creates stress. Creating inspiration by tapping into intrinsic desire and mapping those onto the task at hand can help create deeper initiative, and less stress while still boosting productivity.

What will you Learn?

• When to set goals
• The difference between long-term and short-term goals
• The difference between intrinsic and extrinsically motivated goals
• How to create goals that are exciting and boost resilience
• A simple goal-setting personal audit tool

Who Should Attend this Course?

This is great for teams experiencing low morale and/or for teams that tend to be performance-driven with high levels of burnout.

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This workshop was such a fresh take on goal-setting. I’ve attended lots of goal-setting workshops; this was really well conducted and a totally different approach.

— Participant

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