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Lunch & Learn

These virtual sessions are designed to provide current, evidence-based information on topics of interest to workplaces. Each live facilitated session provides relevant information, practical application and opportunity to develop a new skill that can be used immediately.


Mental Health

Increase awareness of mental health and its potential incidence and impact in the workplace, challenge existing stereotypes of mental illness, and explore how one might better support their colleagues.


Return To Work

When Mental Health leads to work absence for employees, special skills and tools are helpful to keep employees engaged, help them to get healthy, safely return to work, and to meet employer responsibilities for accommodation. The key to success is to empower everyone in your workplace to play their role. This workshop series is designed to equip all members of your workforce with the tools to work together to improve the outcome of mental health absence. These workshops are tailored to your workforce and designed to be applied within any industry.


Bullying & Harassment

Developing strategies for oneself and for others who have experienced workplace bullying and harassment. Opportunities to contribute to the elimination of workplace bullying and harassment will be highlighted. This workshop meets the annual employee training requirements of WorksafeBC.


Self Care

Self care is about taking care of your mind and body, so you feel less stress and more joy. Improve the enjoyment of life and work in your workplace by implementing a self-care plan.


Substance Use in the Workplace

Help recognize behaviours related to addiction or substance use in the workplace by providing education and training on how to identify the signs, and promote awareness for a safe, supportive workplace.

Workplace Burnout

Being aware of signs and symptoms and taking pro-active steps for prevention can help to avoid or reduce the impact of burnout. Help protect your employees with our easy to use tools.