2-hour or half-day virtual (in-person in Canada)


Employees of all levels


Any industries including manufacturing, government, education, healthcare, engineering & sciences, technology, not-for-profit, financial (banking and insurance).


Burnout is identified by the World Health Organization as one of the most significant workplace risks in our era. Fear of burnout continues to grow as a source of stress too. Am I at risk? How do I know? What can I do and what can we do to protect our people? What makes this workshop a great addition to organizational strategies is that it doesn’t just tell participants what not to do, but it gives them awareness for their own burnout cycle and personalized steps for what to do instead. Employees and leaders can feel confident that they and their company are protecting themselves. Facilitators gently guide participants through a series of structured activities and discussions to build insight and personal awareness on the topic. The focus on creating a safe supportive environment allows for a balance of interactive discussions and thoughtful introspective activities. Participants will leave this workshop able to recognize and replace their personal at-risk behaviour patterns with healthier responses that will bolster personal resilience to burnout.

What will you Learn?

• What is burnout and what might early signs look like for me – avoid vs. approach goals for burnout
• Discover (and record) my burnout cycle (patterns)
• Create a personalized “response cycle”
• Learn simple concrete actions to avoid protect from burnout and thrive
• Commit to an accountability partner for sustained change

Who Should Attend this Course?

Designed to appeal to anyone interested to explore their own actions and patterns of behaviours and learn how to make impactful changes. This workshop requires introspection and the ability to share with a partner in a safe environment.


100% of participants reported “I learned something that will help me be happier and more successful at work and outside of work.

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The workshop really dug deep into some things I have bottled up. I was impressed with the safe environment Diana established for all of us. We were trusting and able to share without judgement.

— Participant

What impressed me most was the facilitator! Very kind & clear.

— Participant