Half-day or 90-minute virtual (in-person in Canada)


Employees of all levels


Any industries including manufacturing, government, education, healthcare, engineering & sciences, technology, not-for-profit, financial (banking and insurance), real-estate.


This workshop introduces concepts and tools from Positive Intelligence (PQ) such as “the saboteur mindset” and “PQ reps”. Together these equip participants to 1) recognize and 2) adjust their underlying thoughts. Next, we introduce habits that will change the structure of their brain to accommodate better mental health and performance capabilities (mental fitness). This workshop can be followed by Part 2, which includes a personal assessment tool and a transformational experience to expedite learning.

What will you Learn?

• The difference between mental health and mental fitness
• A physical tool to understand your own mental health (and other’s)
• Learn to recognize the underlying thought patterns that are impacting your mental health
• How to change sabotaging thought patterns into a positive thinking process
• The Power Break: A 2-minute practical tool for boosting mental fitness and health
• A practical (measurable) system for being more positive and influential

Who Should Attend this Course?

This workshop is perfect for those interested in personal development alongside improving their mental health and for those interested in a proactive, growth-minded approach. It’s also a great choice for leadership or tight-knit teams, especially those with an interest in introspection and changing the way they think, instead of just what they think. Activities can draw from personal or work related scenarios. This workshop can be delivered in teams or in a larger organization context.


90% of participants reported “I want to learn more about PQ” and 85% reported “I learned something that will help improve my personal life and/or work life today”.

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PQ changed my life.

— Participant

This explains so many negative thoughts and how I get stuck in negative thoughts.

— Participant