2-hour virtual (in-person in Canada)


Employees of all levels


Any industries including manufacturing, government, education, healthcare, engineering & sciences, technology, not-for-profit, financial (banking and insurance).


After work I’m exhausted, and yet somehow, I can’t seem to stop stressing about work. How can I stop these work thoughts to get the recovery I know I need? In this workshop participants will learn WHY their brains won’t leave work at work and 3 strategies to help. Not everyone is the same; in this workshop they will build a recharge strategy tailored to them.

What will you Learn?

• Why working less is not the best answer to work-life balance
• Understand why you keep stressing about work when not at work
• Develop your “navigate power”
• Learn and use the 80-20 buckets tool to focus on what matters most
• Learn 3 ways of recharging your brain during non-work time
• Build the best recharge strategy for me

Who Should Attend this Course?

This workshop is for people with high-stress work, long work hours, or high emotional work load and have trouble leaving work at work. It will appeal to those who want practical realistic solutions they can apply right away to free up mental energy and stress less.


This workshop is brand new and has no feedback yet. For other workshops, on average over 90% of participants say “I would like more workshops like this”. Be the first one to book this workshop and get 20% off.

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